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Fly tying Dictionary

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Bass Bug:
Floating flies used for bass fishing.  They are often large flies that imitate frogs, mice, and various other foods that bass eat.

Beads (fly tying):
A bead designed specifically for fly tying.  These usually have a large opening on one side and a smaller one on the other which makes it easier to slide onto a fly hook.
A tool that holds a spool of fly tying thread and allows the user to easily unspool it as necessary while keeping the thread tight.
Bobbin Threader:
A device used to quickly thread a bobbin tube.
Caddis Fly:
A common aquatic insect that is an important food source for trout. It goes through stages from nymph to adult with tent shaped wings.
A fly tying material that made of fine fibers twisted on multiple threads.  It is often used on wet flies.
Dry Fly:
A fly that is designed to float on the surface of the water. Most imitate an adult insect or some other part of a fishes diet. Some do not represent any natural food but attract fish because of their bright flashy colors.
Dropper Fly:
A fly that is fished below another fly
Dual Hackle Fly:
A fly tied with two hackles (usually of different colors) at the same time.
A fly that imitates a pupa on its way to the water's surface to hatch.
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